Many of the crimes that occur on campus are crimes of opportunity.  Help remove the opportunity by using the following tips:


  • Call the CWRU Police Department at (216) 368-3333 to report suspicious activity or people.
  • Be aware of your surroundings as you move around campus.  Be alert to potential danger.
  • When moving around campus at night, walk with friends or use one of the transport options (shuttle bus, Safe Ride, walking escort, etc.).
  • If you leave your office or room for any length of time, lock the door.  Do not leave valuables like laptops or cell phones unattended.  Do not leave purses or wallet in unsecured or unattended desks or other areas.
  • If you have a bicycle, invest in a decent lock, lock your bike to a rack when not in use, and register your bike with the CWRU Police Department.
  • Don't leave valuable objects visible in your car; secure them in your car whenever possible.  Keep your junk in your trunk!
  • Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by giving out your personal information as sparingly as possible, both on and offline. Never throw credit card statements or other items containing personal information in the trash without shredding them first.  Keep track of your credit card and bank account balances regularly, checking for unusual activity or withdrawals.
  • If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, file a police report as soon as possible and cancel or close any credit cards or bank accounts you think may have been compromised.  The CWRU police department and the Ohio Attorney General’s office website have additional information on how to protect yourself from, and react to, identity theft.


We also offer the following services:


  • Laptop computer locks are available for purchase at the police headquarters building at 11320 Juniper Rd.  Call (216) 368-6811 for pricing information


  • Electric engravers are available for loan to students and staff wishing to use them to mark their personal property.  This can be useful for engraving serial numbers on property of value.


  • The Safe Ride program consists of a dedicated van intended to safely transport CWRU students, faculty and staff around the University Circle area during the evening and nighttime hours. The program is designed to supplement other transport and escort services on campus such as the shuttle buses. The Safe Ride service is available from 7pm until 3am every day and can be accessed by visiting or calling (216) 368-3000. When you request a ride via, you can track you driver!


  • In addition to the Safe Ride program, Police & Security Services offers a walking Escort Service throughout the campus area. These escorts are provided by both CWRU Police & Security Services staff and by CWRU students working for the department. To request a walking escort please contact 216-368-3333.


  • Bicycle Locks & Registration: The police department urges all members of the campus community to lock their bicycles when not in use. The department recommends the use of steel “ U “ type locks as opposed to cable or chain locks.


    • Free bicycle locks are available to undergraduate students at the Wade and Fribley area offices or at CWRU PD headquarters.  You must register your bike to obtain a free lock.  All members of the campus community are encouraged to register their bikes at one of the above locations.  You can access the bicycle registration form here.  Registering your bike allows CWRU PD to identify found or recovered bikes and return them to their owners.


  • Personal Alarms: The department offers keychain alarms to CWRU students, faculty and staff.  These battery powered alarms make a loud, attention-getting noise when activated, as well as having a small flashlight on the end.  Alarms are handed out during the fall orientation period to students and staff, and at large events such as the Campus Safety Fair.  Alarms are available at other times from the Wade and Fribley Area offices, or at Police Headquarters.



Security and crime awareness orientation programs are conducted for new students and staff.  Departments and student groups can request crime prevention presentations by calling (216) 368-1243.